Buddhism may seem arcane, but it helped many find solace and peace amongst the huslting life of deadline chasing.
Engage in refreshing ways of learning to cope with the overwhelming demands of life and finally find some serenity.
Our Team
Buddhism as a way of life can promise you a much calmer and peaceful existence.
We found it very enlightening, and hope to share it with more people.
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Spiritual Advisors
Buddhism, with its profoundness, can be difficult to grasp in totality.
We have our spiritual advisors to guide and help us along the way.
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Our Events
To craft a safe haven for learning for Buddhist and non-Buddhist alike.
To faciliate the cultivation of morality, concentration and wisdom in our members.
Join Us
Just come on down and join us for our events, if you have any queries you can always email [email protected] or reach out to us through our social media account.
We are also on NUSync. NUS students can head over and join us as a member so that we can invite you for our future activities.