Dharma Camp Reflections

    The camp was a true eye-opener for me as it exposed me to the teachings of Buddha and the concept of "Mindfulness". It opened my eyes to things that I was not aware of in the past, like how sufferings and negative feelings are actually self-inflicted and that they can be resolved very easily with simply a change in our way of looking at things. I also learned that Buddhism is a way of living that sets the foundations of living a morally upright and fulfilling life. I am really thankful to have had the opportunity to attend the camp and gain enlightenment on how to live life.
- Judy Ong

Judy enjoying her tea during our Tea Zen session.

    Dharma Camp 2015 has been an enjoyable one. I could remember the fun times we had as we played our icebreaking games with our fellow camp participants. Apart from the fun and games, we also learnt about Buddhism – its key teachings and precepts and how best we could practice them. Speaking of practising, I could recall the lesson on mindfulness in which we have to chew on a raisin as a slowly as possible to practise the art of being mindful on the present moment.
    It is also great that we went for the kayaking meditation! Meditation for me has always been sitting on a comfortable cushion in an air-conditioned room for long periods of time, but to have it on a kayak is a rare experience. The food hunt was incredible as well! We went to several vegetarian food places in Singapore that I am not aware of. I really enjoyed the meal we had at Little India – the thosai was fantastic!
    Ultimately, I have made new friends and learnt a lot on Buddhism through my experiences in the camp!
- Dennis Tan

Dennis posing with his kayaking partner, Jun Yang during our Kayaking Meditation session.