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2020 Oct 23, Fri, 7pm
2020 Oct 23, Fri, 7pm
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When you think attachment, it’s not a word that is used commonly. Hence, it is understandable to be visibly confused when you come across it.

Attachment comes from the root word ‘attach’. Change it to the word ‘attached’ and a sense of clarity arises. In terms of professional speech, we describe files to be attached to our emails when we send them to our colleagues. Among friends and family, we say we are attached when we have a significant other :)

What’s the common point? They have the idea of being together with another. They have the idea of being attributed value. You won’t attach a file to a work email unless it was important. Likewise, our partner is important for obvious reasons.

However, too much attachment can be detrimental. To place it in context, too many files in the same email decreases the visible value of each file. When you place too much importance to your partner, relative to oneself, you forget your own needs.

This is what we will explore in this session - the Buddhist concept of attachment.

Join us this Friday as we learn to recognize and be free of that fear and dependency, loving selflessly with compassion. Experience the freedom that you have never known but don’t get too attached to it ;)

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