Game of Life
2020 Sep 18, Fri, 7pm
2020 Sep 18, Fri, 7pm
Isn’t Life like a Game?

As recess week approaches and our midterms creep up quickly, all of us need a break sometimes.

Join us this Friday for our First Friday Fellowship Games Nightz!

We will be starting the evening with a light round of discussion on little bits of mindfulness that we can practice everyday. We hope that this will enable you to be able to focus better on those thick readings, complicated equations and long lectures that seem even worse as the middle of the semester approaches.

After that, we will be heading to the fun of the night with a wide variety of AirConsole games that we have provided so kick back, relax and enjoy!

We don’t always have to play Skribblio all the time.

See you there!

Zoom: Pass: 791504