Karma - What is it?
2020 Oct 16, Fri, 7pm
2020 Oct 16, Fri, 7pm
Being Buddhist, you may think you know karma better than the next person but do you really though?

What is Karma?

Karma is a term that most Buddhists are familiar with. It is an inherent part of the teachings of the Buddha and we have at least heard our family mention it once or twice when praying. It is common for us to attribute whatever happens to us as a result of karma, be it good or bad, although more commonly the bad.

Something bad happens as a result of something bad you did. That’s karma. Something good happens as a result of something good you did. That’s karma. Nothing happens because you did nothing. That’s also karma. That sounds deep, right? We’re barely scratching the surface.

Like many things that we talk about, when we really dig deeper, we will find that our knowledge often falls short of the reality of the term itself. Yes, karma means cause and effect but there are many misconceptions that people have about it.

We do not boast to be experts on the subject but we would be happy for you to join us on this journey of finding out what is karma really.

You know karma, but do you know karma?

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