Live, Life, Love
2020 Nov 6, Fri, 7pm
2020 Nov 6, Fri, 7pm
Live the Life you Love :)

Life is a continual road full of ups and downs. Through the laughter and sorrow, we are built by the continual experiences that we encounter along the way.

When life is as smooth as it can get, we are happy. When this continues, the happiness increases and we get used to this state of life. We expect it to continue as it has always been.

However, not all of us are so fortunate to have this sort of life. For others, life can be a continual rabbit hole of sadness. Likewise, we will also expect it to continue as it has always been.

Happiness and Sadness are impermanent. We flit between the two on a regular basis. I doubt we will question life being good to us but the opposite is not true. We encounter situations that are unavoidable, such as death and sickness.

We do not want suffering, sorrow and stresses to bear on us. Some of us feel helplessness to what is happening around us. Others develop a sense of resentment at their surroundings, at where life has led them.

We find it hard to reconcile what is happening with what we wish to happen. Hence, we cannot embrace life as it is and the resultant negative mindset will leave more marks on us than the moment itself.

Thus, in this trying time of finals and frustration, we wish to summarise our semester in an enjoyable and light evening by embracing the joys of life that we often overlook :)

See you there!

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If you want to be happy, be. - Leo Tolstoy