Redefine Yourself
2020 Oct 30, Fri, 7pm
2020 Oct 30, Fri, 7pm
You’re a Buddhist. And why?

Since you’ve come to this webpage, I presume you’re interested in Buddhism. Many different people have come to our society for one reason or another, for a sense of peace, for some answers, it varies from person to person. The version of Buddhism in every person’s mind is different.

Many of us here understand Buddhism as what we have grown up with, adhered to its teachings as etched onto one’s soul. However, as we mature, we question more about ourselves and who we really are? Naturally, this includes Buddhism.

What is the purpose of Buddhism, you may ask? Ask the same question to a thousand different people and the answer will always change.

That is what we seek to explore this Friday; the purpose of Buddhism in our lives, discover more about the teaching that has subconsciously guided us and find out more about our own rabbit holes :)

See you there!

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