School can not be Stressful?!
2020 Aug 21, Fri, 7pm
2020 Aug 21, Fri, 7pm

Welcome to Friday Fellowship! From 7pm to 9pm At

The title for this week will be School can be not Stressful??? Let’s talk about that!

As the semester starts to pick up in pace, it is no surprise that school can be more demanding. As we take up these responsibilities, we find ourselves lacking peace of mind.

Therefore, this fellowship session aims to share how Buddhism can help us better manage our academic stress or stress in general! We will be sharing some exercises that you can try out for yourself, all in a safe and comfortable space! This will be alongside an insight into the Dharma, that might further your understanding of yourself, your priorities and your difficulties balancing them.

So once again, school can be not Stressful? Let’s talk about that!