Weekly Mindfulness Meditation Session 2
2020 Aug 26, Wed, 7pm
2020 Aug 26, Wed, 7pm
Welcome to Session 2 of our Wednesday Weekly Mindfulness Meditation! From 7pm to 9pm At http://bit.ly/NUSBSmeditate

In Session 2 of our 6 week MBSR program, we will be taking a look at how we can manage stress, alongside a revision of the earlier session and how we can tailor it to our own individual needs.

We will also be taking a look at two different forms of mindfulness, including Standing Meditation and Mindfulness Eating.

This week, we will begin to pay attention to the places where we might be stuck in repeating, unhealthy patterns that we can disarm through mindful awareness. We will also learned how to apply mindfulness at critical moments of physical sensation, intense emotion, or condition.

This concludes the overview of the session and we hope to see you with your raisins :)