Weekly Mindfulness Meditation Session 5
2020 Sep 16, Wed, 7pm
2020 Sep 16, Wed, 7pm
Welcome to Session 5 of our Wednesday Weekly Mindfulness Meditation! From 7pm to 9pm at bit.ly/NUSBSmeditate

This week, we will be having our 5th session of Weekly Mindfulness Meditation!

During our session, we will explore the many ways that we can integrate mindfulness in a more complete and intimate way in our lives. While having a dedicated timing for mindfulness meditation is beneficial, it is just as important to imbue a broader sense of awareness and presence in each and every moment. We will also be revising on non-judgemental mindfulness in self-reflection and decision-making processes.

This will be the final session before we proceed to recess week and prepare for our midterms.

Hence, we hope that all of us can join us for this much-needed relaxing session! :)