What is Suffering?
2020 Sep 4, Fri, 7pm
2020 Sep 4, Fri, 7pm

Welcome to Friday Fellowship! From 7pm to 9pm At http://bit.ly/NUSBS

The title for this week will be What is Suffering?

What is Suffering exactly? The word sounds painful but do you actually know it means? When you bruise a knee, is that suffering? When you fail a paper, is that suffering? When you worry for a loved one, is that suffering? Are all these suffering or are they not?

This week, we will be exploring a little deeper into the Buddhist concept of Suffering. With constant change, comes constant suffering, yet, stuck on the roller coaster of life, we never find time to live in its moment and face it.

Being human, we start to form presumptions about what we are facing and hide from it. Is that also suffering?

Join us this week as we dive into the heart of our unhappiness and maybe discover a little bit of ourselves along the way and finally, at the end of it, maybe say, oh, so this is Suffering.

Because being able to verbalise it makes it so much bearable :)