What makes you unhappy?
2021 Mar 11, Thu, 1pm
2021 Mar 11, Thu, 1pm
What makes you unhappy? 11 March 2021 (THURSDAY) 7pm - 9pm

Happiness is a personal choice, it is up to YOU to decide on the kind of life that you want to live going forward. Lets take a minute to reflect: if you were to live your life again, with the knowledge that you have now, what will you change (if any)?

Additionally, let’s think about what makes YOU unhappy? How can you channel your unhappiness to happiness? Are you going to keep dwelling on your past mistakes? Are you going to constantly live in fear and worry about what will happen in the future? Or are you going to live your life to the fullest and enjoy the little things that surround you?

Join us this Thursday at 7pm as we take a look at ourselves and the importance of being happy.